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1812 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11230


Beef Teriyaki – Served on a sizzling plate. Slices of tender beef with scallions, onions, carrots and peppers
Chicken Teriykaki – Served on a sizziling plate. Slices of white meat chicken with scallions, carrots, onions and peppers

Szechuan Wontons – Spicy garlic chicken wontons
Nuggets N Fries – Your choice of chicken or beef
Crispy Rice – Spicy Salmon and spicy Tuna with cucumber
Tuna/Salmon Tartare – Avocado, scallions, peppercorn, Ponzu sauce
Coney Roll – Tempura Salmon & cucumber topped with Spicy Wani and sweet sauce
Let it Burn Roll – Spicy Tuna, Spicy Salmon with Crunch, topped with jalapeño æ Sriracha
Sesame Chicken – Deep Fried with Dark meat
Sweet N Sour Chicken – Deep Fried White meat, served with sauce on the side
Pepper Steak – Steamed or Sauteed with onions, peppers
Szechuan Beef – Steamed or Sauteed with chili, peppers, scallions, peppercorns
Chicken Lo Mein/Mei Fun/Udon – Beans sprouts, carrots, onions, scallions
House Special (Chicken & Beef) Lo Mein/Mei Fun/Udon – Beans sprouts, carrots, onions, scallions

Information About Sautéed

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About Sautéed

An Elevated Asian Experience in Brooklyn.

Opened in March of 2024 in the heart of Midwood/Flatbush amongst a sea of sushi options, Sautéed set out to bring a more upscale and elegant Asian dining experience to the Brooklyn kosher scene, and they have certainly delivered exactly that. With a menu featuring not only Japanese sushi, but also a wide variety of favorite Chinese dishes, Sautéed has something for everyone, even offering over a dozen different lunch specials on weekdays.

If you’re craving Chinese flavors, start off with the Chicken or Beef Dumplings, either pan-fried or steamed, or the Crispy Vegetable or Pastrami Egg Roll. Spicier options are available (and clearly marked) as well, including the garlic chicken Szechuan Wontons. If you aren’t in the mood for Chinese, there are also some excellent sushi appetizer options, like the Pepper Tuna Tataki or the spicier Yellowtail Jalapeño with fried garlic and yuzu.

Speaking of sushi, Sautéed serves all your favorite rolls, sashimi, and nigiri, including Spicy Tuna, California, Salmon, and Tobiko; but they offer more than half a dozen show-stopping specialty rolls as well. The aptly named Coney Roll features tempura salmon, cucumber, and spicy kani; the Firecracker Roll combines the same spicy kani with avocado, torched salmon, and masago; and the Godzilla Roll mixes up salmon, tuna, and yellowtail with avocado and spicy mayo. Several soups are available, ranging from Japanese Miso to Chinese Egg Drop to heimishe Chicken Noodle.

The entree options at Sautéed are extensive (over four dozen to choose from in all) and encompass all of the New-York-style Chinese classics, including several vegetarian options. Kung Pao Chicken, spicy Mongolian Beef, House Special Lo Mein, Moo Shu Vegetables, General Tso’s Tofu, and Pastrami Fried Rice are all here, as are several favorite “Chef Special” dishes like Sesame Beef and Mango Chicken. Or you can make your entire meal Japanese: Beef or Chicken Teriyaki makes a nice accompaniment to your sushi spread as well.


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