After 80 years, TOPS LIQUOR in Marine Park, Brooklyn will be Shomer Shabbos starting this week!

I just got this message and for those like myself who live in the area and have walked many times past the Avenue U liquor store on Shabbos and saw it opened, this is HUGE!

This is what the message says:

“Hi everyone,

I have been friends with Jeff Cohen of Top’s Liquor on Ave U for 30 years. The business was started by his uncle and then subsequently taken over by Jeff’s father Howie, I believe almost 80 years ago.

Over the years I have had many conversations about Yiddeshkeit, with Jeff his wife, and parents. They have been to my home, my Shabbos table etc. Approx 15 years ago, we had a conversation into the wee hours of the morning about Shabbos its importance and it’s significance.

Last Friday Jeff called me and said, do you remember our conversation of years ago? I said yes. He said I think it’s time.

This is what the Jewish people need now, this is what I need to do now. I am honored to let you know that starting this Shabbos, after so many years, Tops Liquor will begin being Shomer Shabbos.

I know everyone has friends and different stores in the business. Baruch Hashem, there is enough business to go around. Let’s encourage and support our brother, our fellow Jew who is taking this incredible step and show him the value, the importance, the beauty of Shabbos and HIS PEOPLE, The Jewish People.

Thank You, Dovi Weiser”

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