We would like to continue our GKRF Initiative: Feed a Family… In Israel. We need more sponsor families to be able to continue matching up Israeli family requests.

We have created a “Feed a Family” Pen Pal Project where we match up an IDF family in Israel who could use a nice meal delivered from a local restaurant and have it sponsored from abroad.
Because as a food group, this is what we know, this is how we take care of our families.

So, ideally we’re doing this for families who have a family member currently serving in the IDF.

If you’d like to sponsor a meal to a family in Israel, please fill out this form.
Very simply, we’re going to match you up and give you the email address and you’ll send a restaurant gift certificate from Wolt.com (like Uber Eats in Israel). See here.

This allows you to easily feed a family and help support small businesses like restaurants. Win-Win.

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